Transcode Research

Mission Statement

To explore the Transcendent Form Transcode Algorithm ,TTA, and convert the coded

representations to physical devices. To also induce devices into dynamic states and

classify and quantify phenomenological observations for dissemination to investing

member organisations on a commercial basis.

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April 2014 - Airident a metamaterial “radar

wallpaper” concept proposed for a high

security commercial aircraft identification


March 2014 - New enhanced transcoding proposed for modelling nano engineered optical, Thz-PHz, geometric based hardware.

Recent progress into understanding transcoding

parameter selection is generating designs showing  

enhanced geometric abstraction, periodicity and

multiplicity of primitive forms. These are required

characteristics for metamaterial and photonic

based hardware. Links to sample high definition

renderings are above, click on image.

Enhanced transcode data, in GDSII/OASIS format,

will be migrated to the TRANSFORM metamaterial

database later in 2014 and is aimed at researchers

with lithography resources in the sub micron

region for experimentation in high THz spectrum.

To aid researchers understand the complexity of

these enhanced designs and to aid experimental

planning, a UHDTV video animation is currently

being produced

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